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Benchmark images on your website and see how you can benefit from Cloudimage.

Please select a website page with more or larger images to obtain the best image analysis.

Your website could be up to 73% faster with Cloudimage
Your website could be up to 73% lighter with Cloudimage
We analyse the website's page content loading speed and compare it before & after implementing Cloudimage.

Website Performance Report in collaboration with Google Lighthouse

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Your website will be faster and lighter with Cloudimage

Website loading time

Website loading time with Cloudimage
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Lighter images lead to faster loading time, SEO improvements and reduced traffic costs

origin image content
optimized image content
total website size
total optimised website
Images represent of your website size and take to load

With Cloudimage, your images would represent of your website and load in *

*without visible loss in image quality

Biggest Website Image

Original image size
Optimized image size

The partial report above

provided a glimpse into image optimization potential for your website. For a deeper analysis of your website, get your full report which includes the analysis of all website images and additional suggestions for website optimization.

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Additional optimization suggestions

  • The easiest way to optimize your WordPress website is to apply Cloudimage Responsive Plugin which will automatically optimize all your gallery images to fit perfectly to the image container size and significantly decrease website size and load-time.
  • Consider lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images after all critical resources have finished loading to decrease page loading time.
  • Consider using Cloudimage Responsive Plugins to automatically detect the image container size and load the perfectly resized image every time. This would allow you to significantly decrease page loading time for mobile devices. No additional code is needed.
  • Your website page is not fully optimized for WebP compatible browsers. Consider using automated WebP compression with Cloudimage to improve image optimization and Google SEO ranking.

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